Graphic warning labels on Plastic showing the damaging effects it is having on marine life

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Help save our Marine Life!

Our mission is to ensure that all plastics will contain graphic images that display the damage being done to our marine life, with the hope that raised awareness will change the choices being made within our population.

Presently, 8.4 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year. Animals are becoming entangled in floating debris making them easy prey for predators as well as trapping them, and in some cases causing them to drown. Many animals mistake plastic for food, this ingested debris can block the digestive track or give them a sense of being full which can lead to malnutrition or death.

The danger in plastic debris not only lies with the physical component but also the chemicals which are added at the production stage these chemicals are leached into the environment and are known to disrupt the endocrine/reproductive system, in some animals, which in turn could have an effect on human health. Lets work together, to raise awareness and reduce the plastic entering our ocean. Sign the petition today!