Allow Autistic People to Immigrate into Australia

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Autistic people are currently not allowed to live in Australia if they are coming from an overseas country. This is because they are thought to be a burden on the rest of Australia's health care, or take up too many of the country's resources, even though autistic people are affected by the same health problems as the general population. Every year more people are diagnosed with autism. In fact, in 2015 there were 164 000 people with autism in Australia, which was a 42.1% increase from 2012. In the next few years this number will only continue to increase, and at this point, to not allow them entry into our country is inhumane at best.

My cousin is autistic and currently lives in the UK, but they want to live in Australia. If the Australian government changes the laws, my cousins will be able to live in Australia and having more international autistic children in the country, could result in more research funding being provided from international bodies into Australian universities, to study medications for them, possibly resulting in a better understanding of autism.

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