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Royal Commission into Australian news media

Kevin Rudd has created a Parliament of Australia e-petition asking the House to support the establishment of a Royal Commission into Australian news media. 

But this is not about Kevin.  The generational breakdown in media monopoly regulations and sub-standard quality controls are of significant concern with direct impact on Australia.  This framework gives a few very powerful people the opportunity to shape the way we are informed and influence our democracy.

It is vitally important we use any tool we have to show we are aware of the problem and we demand change.

I therefore ask you to review Kevin's submission and sign.


Please note - once you have filled in your details you will receive an email and need to VERIFY before your signature is recognised.

If, like me you are frustrated, angry and deeply concerned about the quality of news by major outlets I ask that you share this link and ask everyone you know to consider signing.

Australians for Quality News
2 weeks ago