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Keep the Adler shotgun available to Australian shooter's

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There is a petition already circulating social media to ban the Adler shotgun due to uneducated veiws on the particular firearm. First of all anti gun bodies such as the Greens have label the Adler as " rapid fire " which is simply not true! Also many newspaper's around the country have called the Adler a semi automatic shotgun. Again this is completely incorrect. Australian shooters do not have access to semi automatic firearms unless they hold a Catagory C firearms license. This particular shotgun is no different to any other currently legal lever action firearm that are available to Licensed Australian shooter's. A ban has been called by former prime minister john Howard due to the fear that another Port Arthur would be possible with these shotguns available in Australia. However these style of shotguns have been available to shooter's for the last 100 years so the rumors that the adler has new technology is complete lies. Also this shotgun is strictly only available to licensed Australian shooter's who are 0% of the gun related crime here in Australia. So to say we risk another port Arthur with these shotguns around is flat out calling Australian shooter's criminals in waiting. These Shotguns have a large place here within the gun community in Australia' with making feral pest control alot more easier and effective. Also sports shooting now has a new firearm to say hello to as cowboy action shooting is very popular among sport shooter's here in Australia. Sign this petition to show your support to Australian shooter's and to stop the unjustified abuse Australian shooter's are currently copping from various anti gun bodies.

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