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Allow RTOs TO Deliver short Courses to any eligible Students.

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1-    The Federal Ministers for Education and Vocational Training

2-    Australian Skills Quality Authority.

Education is a central pillar of Australian economy. Not only does the education sector employ nearly 8% of Australian workers (in CRICOS Sector alone), it is our fourth largest export earner, after coal, iron ore and natural gas, bringing in around A$16 billion in 2013/14.

CRICOS sector offers such courses where a student can adopt a career pathway in strategic terms;  and enrolment into these courses sets foundations for Study visa for international students (SUBCLASS 500). These courses are required to be full time to get and maintain their student visa.

Several short term vocational courses (such as RSA, Construction Induction White Card, First Aid Application, Food Safety Programme, RSG, Cleaning operations, Taxi Courses, Retail Services, and Security Operations etc.); do not lay the grounds for a student visa. 

Hundreds of international students have to accomplish a lot of such short courses during their stay in Australia to secure minor jobs to support themselves, while they study here. However it is fact that these courses are not their ultimate goal of study or have no negative impact on their career objectives, as long as they continue meeting work conditions set out in their visa.

Local/Domestic RTOs were delivering these courses to all kind of applicants including international students till August 2016, when ASQA announced that only CRICOS approved providers can serve these small courses to international students. It should be noted that:

1-    CRICOS industry is mainly higher education industry, where students complete a FULL TIME course at the level of Certificate IV, DIPLOMA or degree etc.

2-    Cricos sector attracts higher fees and is thus:     

a.     A lucrative business and is indeed a High Risk Industry as:

                  i.      Its confirmation of enrolment is the bases for student visa.

                  ii. Its certification sets the pathway for Australian residency.

On the other hand,  about the short courses delivered by the Domestic RTOs it should be noted that:

3-    These courses (mostly up to certificate ii) are of the short duration and only enable one to secure some minor jobs, while they continue higher studies for long term career jobs.

4-    These courses are mostly part time/short term courses and do not fall under the definition of full time course as required by DIBP,  and thus these courses are outside the realm of CRICOS.

5-    The fee for these courses is usually very little (mostly less than $1500.00) and therefore the risk level is very low.

6-    Domestic RTOs are also highly regulated by ASQA and other relevant industry bodies (such as SLED and Security Licensing Directorate in all states); therefore risk levels are extremely low and are monitored very closely.

7-    These courses are not the foundation for Australian student visa at all as described earlier; therefore they would have no direct impact on student visas or residence visas..

8-    Domestic RTOs mostly rely on these small courses for their income and business growth.

9-    Most of the times, these small courses are required by new workers in several industries, which are mostly international students.If these colleges can not cater for international students, they lose a major portion if the income base.

Therefore it is requested that international students should be allowed to complete up to three months courses from any RTO, without the condition of CRICOS. Allowing domestic RTOs to offer such courses to international students will support local business and will strengthen the economy.

If local RTOs are not allowed to provide this training, it will cause several small businesses to shut down and will force a significant number of workers into unemployment.

Please everyone support the local businesses.

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