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AMC- please pay simulated patients better

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We the undersigned believe that Australian Medical Council should offer better compensation for actors/simulated patients.

Australian Medical Council utilizes the skills of many experienced and highly trained actors and performers in their business of assessing overseas medical practitioners seeking to practice their medical profession in Australia. Most foreign trained doctors have medical qualifications not recognized in Australia and have to pass the AMC examination before they get their certificate for working in Australia. 

Actors are used as 'simulated patients' or 'standardized patients' and the work requires a high level of expertise in both performance and people skills. At current, Australian Medical Council only pays simulated patients a remuneration of 160 dollars for a day starting at 7.45 am and finishing at 5pm. They do not get super annuation payments, they do not get sick leave, they do not get guaranteed work, they do not get casual loading.

In the beginning of each day, simulated patients get told their performance is of utmost importance and a crucial part of the success of the exams. However, they remain the lowest paid of all. On examinations days, corridor marshals, many of them students, less skilled and less trained than most simulated patients, get 240 dollars for their time. The examining doctors get in excess of 700 dollars for their time. 

Simulated role playing is a demanding job which starts by learning your role (scripts vary between 2-5 pages), this includes learning things by heart. Simulated patients do not currently get any compensation for this part of the job.  

Simulated role playing is a mentally challenging job, some more experienced players constantly get asked to play people with mental health issues or with terminal illnesses. Currently these more demanding roles do not get a better pay. 

Other institutions using simulated patients pay rates in between 44-66 an hour plus preparation time for similar or less demanding jobs.

We respectfully ask Australian Medical Council to compensate their simulated patients with better rates, ideally those matching the aforementioned industry standards. We believe that such a prestige and abundant organization would be in a position to offer better compensation to those whose performance is of utmost importance to the success of their examinations.

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