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Stop "Doctor"Alex Wodak and his drug enabling behaviour, now. Have his license revoked.

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"Doctor" Alex Wodak is at it again, choosing to pursue his loony agenda of enabling ILLEGAL drug users, rather than helping them find life without drugs or even trying to. Not happy with managing somehow to provide a legal black hole where heroin users can "safely" inject their poison (and still overdose with regularity), he now wants to provide a pill testing service at music festivals (what an normal person now views as drug selling festivals) so your kids can "safely" choose to take ILLEGAL drugs.

This flies in the face of all laws and logic, and its time someone brought the hammer down on this "doctor"

His single minded, "im right" and everyone else including the police, the government and other health professionals is wrong is a dangerous slope and he should no longer be considered a "doctor" but a drug enabling lobbyist.

A music festival should be a music festival, not to become as "Doctor" Wodak would like, a drug soaked mess with teenagers STILL dying on their day out. Even with testing there are other factors that the sage "Doctor" cant test in 5 seconds with his magical kit, such as dehydration, and most importantly previous medical history. I dont think that he's going to spend 45 minutes with every person to determine their pre-existing medical history, and in this context, any advice he gives as to the safety of any drug without this knowledge should automatically be enough for the governing medical body the Australian Medical Association to strip this fool of his license. He is not even trying to safeguard lives here, he's just trying to further his drug friendly agenda, and lives along the way matter nothing to him. His actions could and should be considered in a legal conext and any "advice" he gives as to the safety of any drug without a full consultation should be enough to seek his medical license revocation, and to anyones family who might lose a loved one because of it should feel rightly entitled to pursue him legally, and also the Government, The Australian Medical Association for allowing his continued ability to advocate illegal drugs as a "Doctor".

Send a clear message that we do not want drug apologists determining legal policy, or further flaunting it in this country. Its a slippery slope, one day its just music festival goers, the next day he'll want "safe drugs" for everyone, including your bus driver, your pilot and other people in positions in direct responsibility for others safety. 

I was involved in an advocacy group to engage government and health bodies with a view to making vaping (a LEGAL nicotine harm reduction strategy in most states) more acceptable and to bring in reasonable restrictions (including the banning of vaping gear to under 18's etc). All was going well and good strides were being made until someone who agreed with "Doctor" Wodaks wider "every drug should be decriminalised" strategy involved him in our group. Very soon after i found out i raised objections to this as i saw it as this person wedging his controversial and illegal agenda in with our legitimate one. I wasnt prepared for the obnoxious and divisive replies from "Doctor" Wodak who successfully drove a wedge into our previously happy and productive group. This man is only interested in his own agenda and ego. He also managed to disrupt an advocacy group and even more destructively, ruined friendships, which i view as more important than any ideology. Ideology is unfortunately all he believes in, and a narrow misinformed, illegal and dangerous one at that.

Please sign this petition to stop this to send a message that no drug is safe, even if you test it. Protect the lives that "Doctor" Wodak is willing to sacrifice for his agenda and ideology. Ideally he should lose his medical accrediation, as he has a history of advocating ILLEGAL drugs, enough is enough. Draw the line.



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