Justice for families!

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For everyone who have watched my live feed or who have been following the posts of the inhuman treatment of FREE MEN & WOMAN in immigration detention centers around Australia! A lot of you have asked or wondering how you can help. All you simply have to do is share these posts. If you feel compelled to do more, as I am limited by my physical environment. Write, Fax, Email, utilize your current network. Contact lawyers, Human Rights Commission, Commonwealth Ombudsmen, your local Parliamentary member, radio, TV, anyone and everyone who can lend a hand to help. What this government is doing is wrong and you can do something to help. The more people on the outside asks questions, The FREE MEN & WOMAN detained here have a voice. These FREE MEN or WOMAN have families, wives and children just like you. They are father's, mother's, grandfather's and grandmother's. Most of us have been here in this country longer than the foreign decision makers..so called delegates of the minister. Who hardly speak or understand English yet have the authority to cancel visas. There are skilled people in here that have positively had an impact or contributed to the Australian community. These people at some point contributed to building the infrastructure of local Australian communities. These people have contributed to building the Australian economy. Business men who employ Australian workers which in turn allow you to enjoy the Australian way of life. I have even personally met kiwi war veterans who fought for this country and it's way of life. A big slap in the face of our Aussie Diggers. So much for the ANZAC and The fuzzy wussy Angeles on the kokoda trail at front of a Japanese invasion of Australia. This man..This one man Peter Dutton is single handedly dismantling what these men fought and died for. Your freedom! Your rights! The Australian way of life. By using 'NAZI' 'Gestapo' secret police tactics from Hitler's Germany. He now wants to invade your privacy by accessing your Facebook. Stand up Australia! Remind Peter Dutton he is NOT above the Law.