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I'm certain I can speak for 99.9% of Townsville's population. 

3 days ago very close friends of ours were broken into, they took all credit and bank cards they could find, all sets of keys,  2 cars (1 has been located) they were violated in one of the highest forms,  being heavy sleepers these youths were creeping around in their home most likely even in the bedroom where they slept. They have had to pay for locks throughout house and garages to be changed, get new licences and bank cards which has caused enormous amounts of problems both emotionally and financially.  They lost things they cannot replace thanks to these youths! I'm doing this petition to hopefully get the Australian Government and the Australian Justice System to change the way they deal with young criminals. 

We have had enough of the crimes being committed by those 18 years of age and under. These Crimes are putting residents and law enforcement in Danger. On average we here in Townsville have a minimum of 20 Break and Enters and a higher amount of car theft on a daily basis.

It seems that because they are minors they cannot be punished! Which is absurd considering if I/you were to do the crime we would be locked up.

these youths need harsher penalties and punishment. Slapping them on the wrist or sending them to Juvenile Detention Centres is not the solution. 

While in the detention centres they have game rooms, gym, hot meals daily same with the showers. They have things cleaned up after them.

These young criminals get better treatment than our pensioners. And that I just don't understand. 

Yes Townsville is getting beyond the joke, and it's time for something to be done! But not just here our Nation needs to be on board. 

Every person in Australia that believes the Justice System is a joke, needs to sign this petition. To take a stand and make a difference. 


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