Paramedic requires your help


Paramedic requires your help

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Stewart Buchan started this petition to Australian Immigration and

I am a Paramedic and my wife's name is Suci, I was suddenly recalled to Australia due to COVID19, I was no longer able to live abroad.  I had 4 days notice to relocate so that i could isolate.

The Prime minster stated that all Australians and their immediate families would be allowed into Australia. 

I have been now separated from my Balinese wife for 56 days.  During this time she has miscarried our child, I believe due to the stress caused by these events.

She lives alone and far from her family.  I am asking for your support to appeal to our government and to help make our case more urgent to the government so that I can get my wife here to Perth, Western Australia and care for her in this traumatic time.  I am trying to appeal on grounds of extreme stress and negative psychological health to my wife due to the loss of our child and her isolation.

I am watching my wife deteriorate daily.

We have applied for a entry visa on the 18/03/2020 in Bali direct through the visa center.

We have contacted immigration numerous times and have applied  to their COVID19 process and provided all kinds of evidence of our relationship, marriage, wedding guests, and our day to day comings and goings.  They advised us to contact jakarta DFAT.

We have contacted Jakarta DFAT and provided evidence of the loss of our child in hopes to appeal for a quicker response.  No response

We have contacted our local federal member of Fremantle Mr Josh Wilson in hopes that he can contact border force/immigration and get some answers. His staff call a 1300 number and get no answer.

We have not heard a rejection of any application, we actual have heard nothing.  

Suci is the legal wife of an Australian

Suci has had a miscarrige

Suci is isolated

Suci is scared

I am asking for your help to raise awareness to get my wife, Ni Nengah Sucita (Suci) into Australia. Please support us.

I'm sorry to ask but we are desperate.



This petition made change with 377 supporters!

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