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Keep Ross Galante in his home - Australia

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My name is Ross Galante, I am currently 25 years old and I moved to Brisbane, Australia 11 years ago this November. My Visa application was recently denied due to not satisfying the criteria, although having medical referral letters from Doctors who treated me for a serious disorder; Bulimia Nervosa. I am currently going through Ministerial Intervention, currently being assessed to see whether I "meet the guidelines" to get my case bought forward to the Minister. My entire family, girlfriend, dog (Monty) and friends are all residing here, however after eleven years, I am on the cusp of very possibly being deported. I finished high school here, obtained my trade certificate and have worked and payed taxes for the past seven years and simply just want the right to live in this beautiful country with my loved ones. I need to spread the word of my case, one to help me in my fight to stay here, however also shedding light that even a male adult can suffer from a serious eating disorder that can completely run your life down to rock bottom. Please if you know me or simply support my cause, sign this petition to say yes to me, Ross Galante, staying in Australia. 

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