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Australian Human Rights Commission - to protect human rights of Australians

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Investigation and Conciliation Service,
Australian Human Rights Commission,
GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001 

Dear Sir/Madam,      

I do request your assistance in pursuing the matter of blatant abuse of my human and civil rights, discrimination and persecution by Centrelink - Australian Government Department of Human Services. 

I do believe that Centrelink committed the offence of breaching the provisions of ‘International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights’ which is included in the Federal Legislation -
‘Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986’ – Schedule 2
art 2, 26 – deprivation of my Australian old age pension
art 12, 18, 19, 21, 25 – ‘punishment’ for lawful, ‘peaceful’ public protest
art 5, 7, 17 – all issues 

I believe that I am picked on by racist anglo/jewish mafia controlling Centrelink because I am overseas born, I am not of anglo or jewish race, and I am an old white man.(issues 1,2,4)
This type of creatures single out people like me, assuming that they are an easy target for discrimination and the abuse of human and civil rights.

The issue 3, is the abuse of my civil rights and discrimination for legitimate political/civil action, as in this category was my public protest against persecution by Centrelink.  

The evidence 

In March 2016 Centrelink started to steal from my pension $130 every fortnight under pretext that I ‘have a debt’ (copy 1) by falsely claiming that 5 years previously I ‘lowered my declared income’. As the ‘evidence’ they produced primitively forged statement purporting to be my earnings. There, they produced such arithmetic masterpieces as eg. while working for the same company and doing the same job for 48 hour work I earned $1320 but when working for 70 hours I earned $1200 (copy 3)
It took me 8 months before Centrelink repaid me money stolen from my pension (copy 2)

0n 20.10.2016 they cut off my old age pension completely (copy 4), falsely claiming that I did not apply for a foreign pension (for which I was not eligible).
That happened while I was on medical treatment overseas from 02.06.2016 to 18.10.2016, and Centrelink stated in automated, emailed reply to my complaints about other matter, that they were aware that I am overseas (copy 6) but in spite of that, they were sending some forms to my Australian address to which I did not have access. (copy 5)
After coming back from overseas and waiting 6 weeks for their reply, and then after walking for 4 days up and down of front of their Mt Gravatt office, pension was reinstated and Centrelink acknowledged making a ‘mistake’ (copy 7a, 7b) apparently on the basis of the information I provided to them (copy 8)

By the virtue of doing the job which requires the knowledge of relevant laws, regulations and in this case, Polish requirements of eligibility for old age pension - Centrelink staff should be aware of all the conditions for such entitlement. 

To ‘punish’ me for justifiable, lawful and legitimate public protest, as the reprisal, they sent me a letter claiming that I do not have ‘right’ to enter a public building and I am ‘prohibited’ from exercising my freedom of movement. (copy 9)
This is a clear ‘revenge of cockroaches’ in that hideous organization, desperate and hysterical in their attempt to harass me for not showing ‘courtesy and respect’ to my persecutors. This type of people would further punish a jew entering a gas chamber in Auschwitz and not being grateful for that to his tormentors.
What kind of person would show ‘courtesy and respect’ to his abusers? 

Possibly in Centrelink there is a ‘jewish’ faction and an ‘anglo’ faction and both of them ‘independently’ are using the same tricks to persecute people. The reason for my statement is that Centrelink (as the organization) acknowledged doing wrong to me (copy 7a, 7b) but they sent me again the letter ‘suspending’ my pension on 27.02.2017 (copy 10). Very similar deceitful method was used as mongrels did in September 2016. Firstly, they sent me some letters that ‘in a few days’ they will send me some stupid forms and some time later demanding that I sent those forms back to them, and in between those letters - no forms ever received. (copy 11, 12).
This is a senseless harassment as they acknowledged previously that I am not entitled to a foreign pension. 

As the result of that discrimination and persecution, Centrelink mongrels deprived me of my lawful entitlement of the Australian old age pension. My old age pension is my only source of income, therefore this is an attempted murder by depriving me completely the means of survival. (copy 13) 

Centrelink conduct is unfair, unjust and callous.

That abuse of the Australian citizen is committed not by fanciful and imaginary ‘terrorists’but by the local scourge which is bureaucratic manure of our society who by law, have ‘duty of care’. 

NO apology has been received, no indication of any remorse by Centrelink for the abuse of my human and civil rights, for the harm and distress caused by the criminal action of ‘suspending’ my old age pension without any lawful reason.
(The language I am using to describe Centrelink people reflects my true feelings about them) 

Yours sincerely
Peter Markan


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