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Stop the vilification and hate speech by Gun Control Australia

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Stop the hate towards a minority group.

The 800,000 plus Law Abiding Firearm Owners of Australia (LAFOA) are subjected to daily vilification, derogatory comments and prejudice in our social and professional lives by a society which is short on facts and fed information from Gun Control Australia, and a main stream media who has been educated by Hollywood.

LAFOA are portrayed as a danger to society, whereas the opposite is true.
We are thoroughly vetted by the police
We do not have a history of drug offences, public violence, reckless driving and domestic violence.

LAFOA are judged in a society which has been nurtured on lies, misinformation and sensationalism fomented by the likes of GCA.

In our opinion, Gun Control Australia is a misguided entity which foments hate to a minority.

The vilification, slurs and misleading information which they direct towards Law Abiding Firearm Owners must stop.

OneShot Australia and the 800,000 plus Law Abiding Firearm Owners in Australia request that the Australian Human Rights Commission investigate the agenda of Gun Control Australia,reveal their true sponsors and have them cease their campaign of hate and vilification towards us.

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