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Get Health Funds in Australia to Cover Infant Sleep Specialists Under Extras Cover

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There are over 311,000 babies born in Australia each year. Of these 311,000 babies 40% of them will have some form of sleep difficulties in the first year.
In the last 10 years there has been a huge surge in the amount of parents seeking assistance with their baby’s sleep through either, Private Infant Sleep Specialists or Government based Infant Sleep Organisations. We no longer have our village to help when parenting and parents are more confused and more exhausted than ever. Sleep deprivation is causing many other help problems for parents and families and I think it’s time for Australian health funds to seriously consider adding Infant Sleep Specialist onto their extras cover.
The Australian Medical Association and parents believe that sleep deprivation is a real health issue and can be a contributory factor in the majority of post natal depression cases. Our mums deserve a better service.

The Australian government is currently spending over $5 million per year on helping parents with their child’s sleep and this is really only touching the iceberg of the problem. Many parents are still needing more or more personal assistance. Government based sleep clinics have long waiting list and often parents can’t wait , can get to or don’t feel comfortable with the services offered and therefore seek out alternative assistance through Private Infant Sleep Specialists. Private consultations can be costly and with a mother on maternity leave families can find it difficult to come up with the resources to cover these costs. Sleep or lack there of can have such a major impact on both parent and child’s health. I see it as an essential part of our overall health and should therefore be covered / subsidised by our private health cover.
At this stage assistance with sleep by an Infant Sleep is still not covered in any Private Health Cover in Australia.
As a mum and someone who has worked for over 12 years as an Infant Sleep Specialist I'm tired of seeing parents suffer. Please sign this petition to help the Australian private health fund organisations see the essential service their customers are wanting and needing from them.
Thank you
Elaine Harvey
Lullababy SOS Sleep Consultant 


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