Realistic Access to Medical Cannabis Treatment For Epileptics!

Realistic Access to Medical Cannabis Treatment For Epileptics!

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Elyse spence started this petition to Australian Governor General and

I Elyse Spence,

Member of Epilepsy Action Australia,

Miss Diamond International Finalist

And treatment resistant Epileptic,

Formally and publicly  and Internationally, Petition the Australian Governor General, The House of Representatives and The Senate to Change The Law, NOW!


Accessibility to Medicinal cannabis for people with Epilepsy is a Bad Joke.

The entire process for gaining access contradicts itself. And some are even denied the option. Based on State requirements!

A violation of Medical a standard and human rights in Australia!

And once access is granted for one prescription, the price is ten times the already unaffordable street value! And restricted to 1 brand. 

This is Disgusting behaviour! And needs to change Now!

About Treatment Resistant Epilepsy!

People with treatment resistant epilepsy suffer from constant fear of unpredictable seizures. For those lucky enough to not be in a current stage of Status Epilepticus (fit after fit after fit), a life threatening status to be in, having a conversation is a constant struggle! 

Not to mention the Constant Crippling Depression and Anxiety from years of dealing with the condition, the millions of side effects caused by medications that don’t work fully or wear off, who’s 30pages worth of side effects create such an impact that the side effects never go away!


Going through school I was isolated and treated like a freak and physically harassed and assaulted and tormented for reasons at that point I was at a loss to comprehend, but now know was due to ignorance.

When you tell someone you have epilepsy no matter their reaction they will think about the scariest type and most notorious (tonic clonic).

This ignorance and lack of awareness of other seizure types can make someone with treatment resistant epilepsy appear ignorant and  rude due to staring off or appearing to day dream and being non responsive.

It can make them look weird, because they’re always chewing or blinking or wearing sunglasses or or having myoclonic jerks or licking their lips or appearing completely retarded when they answer questions or join a conversation.

It can make them look like attention seekers, when they start getting feint or falling asleep.

There seizures effect their ability to learn but is not yet considered a learning disability. They effect their memory. Day, date, month, year, next class, what they are doing, what they were going to do or need to do, peoples faces and names, make them late to class.

Personal Experience:

I was told on for Staring at people in Remission, I’ve been Punched in the face for “making someone’s mum sick!” (Not neurologically possible btw!), I have been stalked visa swiped had dirt kicked into my shoes, been flat tired, had bins thrown over my head and been kicked the shit out of in the high school library!, Been kicked into the public swimming pool during a school carnival whilst having a staring moment were I hit my head and nearly drowned.

I And my whole family and doctors were told To give up all hope on having or living any decent kind of life past 30. Causing My parents to fall into depression and despair in a rural area! My mother resorted to pretending I didn’t exist by hiding in her room and yelling to my father that I was distressing her where he would then grab me by the scruff and push me out the front door only to find out later I didn’t do anything. And my parents refused to support my ambitions or get me to study group! 

Mall this resulted in my feeling helpless and questioning my existence.

Suicide Prevention!

Controlled Epileptics, during their growth transitions in life  will require medication adjustments! (A trial and Error Phase of new medications and Balance). Will experience seizures and memory loss and falling behind and bullying and embarrassment and public humiliation from incontinence. Which wouldn’t be the case just taking cannabis! 

Teenagers are already prone to melodrama!

Even healthy teens! But you will condemn Toddlers Children Teens Adolescents (now willing to use and abuse ice meth extasy and alcohol to increase the chance of ending their suffering forever), adults parents grandparents, and their children to suffer from the traumatic impact treatment resistant epilepsy has on epileptics and their loved ones and their partners who in many cases are their full time carers spiralling into a Carers depression! Reasonable access to Medical Cannabis!


People who don’t want pity parties but want to  be able to do normal things like work in an environment with no more OHS risk to themselves and others than you. Who want to be able to go for a walk ALONE! Get out of bed in the morning and go to the toilet without waking up on the toilet floor naked with their feet twisted into the toilet bowl in a pool of their own excrement! Or have a bath or shower without requiring monitoring! To live alone and free or without their Parents!


People with the capacity to do great and wonderful ingenious and talented things for their country but can’t Complete a Qualification due to random seizure impact!

My Confession:

My own family and Husband has been effected so badly the doctors decided to involve FACS due to the constant restrictions complications Carers Depression and Anxiety constant bickering and Arguing and lack of empathy for my inability to do anything around the house without getting Fitty!

They have connected us to the Brighter Futures Program through Mission Australia and the whole family team. Who are doing all they can to ease our burden but it’s not enough! My husband and I have now broken up! And I am going to get Brighter Futures to hook me up with my own place and access to seizure monitoring and detecting technology and funding for it through the NDIS and Epilepsy Action Australia and the Same with Training up a Therapy Dog to care for me and press a button to organise help if I have a fit.

But none of these things prevents seizures they just reduce the anxiety around seizures and safety!

I am a Member of Epilepsy Action Australia, and a Miss Diamond International 2020 Finalist. I took the Purple Pledge!

And am authorised and covered by insurance to raise money and awareness for them! Their position on Cannabis For Epilepsy is that of mine exactly!

Here’s what needs To Happen!

1) Medical Cannabis needs to be as easy to prescribe as a multi vitamin in Every State in Australia as that is what it is a treatment for CBD deficient people!

2) It needs to be put on the PBS so patients can afford it! In every State in Australia! Not everyone has a politicians wallet!

3) It needs to be Decriminalised in Every State in Australia!

Next Step:

1) Cannabis needs to be fully decriminalise next in Every State for personal use. For people with Nausia and Anxiety. So they don’t have to worry about getting busted driving to work! Some people need it to face coping with work and speaking to people. 

2) It shouldn’t matter how much they have in there person or property at any time. People have got to buy it from someone!

3) No limit on plants grown at home! 2 plants per household is not enough for personal users to sustain their dependency and the plants are great for the environment!


Heres how you can help!

1) sign my petition

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3) visit my go fund me page:

4) Talk about the issue with your friends!

5) Paint it Purple this November for awareness! Request a purple mufty day for Epilepsy with your school and have the proceeds donated to this cause on my go fund me page!

 Carving pumpkins � this Halloween? Paint your pumpkin purple! Or host a purple pumpkin painting party! And instead of calling trick or treat when you go door to door, request Change or candy! And donate the proceeds to the cause via my go fund me campaign!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!