Where is the ANZAC Spirit??

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We are a group of New Zealander's living in Australia on Non Protected Special Category Visa's, which is basically any New Zealander who moved to Australia after 2001.

NZ and Australia have a reciprocal agreement whereby:

New Zealander's can live and work in Australia, just like Australian's can live and work in NZ.


Any Australian living in NZ is entitled to ALL Social Security benefits, where as in Australia - New Zealander's who moved here AFTER 2001 are NOT.

Many New Zealander's moved to Australia, knowing they are expected to pay taxes to Australia with NO Government Support, when times are tough. They have successfully built their lives and families here and call Australia home, but when Covid 19 hit - times got EXTREME.

New Zealander's who moved to Australia before 2001 can access almost all Australian Govt pensions.

Over 650,000 kiwis live in Australia and not even a quarter can access any Covid 19 govt schemes, many have lost their jobs and their families are at risk of homelessness.

Last week the Hon Alan Tudge made an announcement on behalf of the Australian Government:

"If there is a New Zealander In the country unable to access the payments offered, we suggest they consider moving back to NZ. 

NZ Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern continues to push the Australian government, to support all New Zealanders, during the Covid 19 crisis .

Prior to Covid 19 she has publicly asked for many underlying issues in the reciprocal agreement to be ammended, and has described Australia's strict laws on Visa's as "Corrosive to our relationship and Against the ANZAC Spirit."

She has been repeatedly mocked and put down by Members of Australia's Parliament since the Christchurch Attacks, yet she remains the Hearty PM she is and aint to proud to press for fairness. 

We have NOT created this petition to ask for Money. Instead we ask for your support in sharing and raising awareness to the True ANZAC Spirit we live through, during the Covid 19 Pandemic War.

Please HELP us remember the ANZACS as those who not only sacrificed their own lives to "Save the World" but the lives of their Nannies, Mother's, Aunties, Wives, Sisters, Daughters, Sons and Mokopuna who were all left to ensure our survival. 

It has been almost eight generations for some since WW2. No matter how hard the indigenous of both nations try to catch up, we will always be the "Sacrificial Lamb"