Urgent changes to domestic violence laws in Australia

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I am calling for immediate changes to the current domestic violence laws in Australia. 

There have already been 8 reported domestic violence related deaths in Australia in 2020, that's unacceptable and should not be put into the too hard basket any longer.

Often the police's hands are tied in these matters & violence orders issued, are only enforceable once breached, meaning the aggrieved has to endure even more violence or abuse and trauma before they can again ask for protection IF they survive the subsequent breach of violence order conditions. 

Offenders are fully aware police will only act if any orders are breached & it has been proven time & again especially recently that a court order is no deterrent for anyone choosing to reoffend & cause more trauma for the aggrieved.

Personally I think ankle bracelets with tracking technology should be issued to violent offenders that police issue violence orders to along with mandatory counselling.

For the aggrieved, emergency accomodation needs to be made available regardless of marital status or if parents or childless & regardless of gender, people traumatised by violence need a safe place to go until safety is assured to return home or find a permanent new safer home.  Mandatory counselling needs to be enforced for the aggrieved as many suffer in silence too ashamed or scared or proud to ask for help to heal from these violent acts if they survive. 

Security cameras for vehicles & homes of the aggrieved need to be made available either free or at subsidised rates if requested when violence orders are issued.  Safety alert alarms like the elderly have, could also be utilised to alert police silently of imminent danger to the aggrieved.  

I believe implementing ideas like these with mandatory jail time for repeat offenders who continually breach court orders would be more empowering & protective for the aggrieved & much better deterrents to violent offenders and I'm asking for your help to demand our laws are changed to prevent more domestic violence related deaths in Australia.

As we become even more multi cultural in Australia we also now have many different cultural views & traditions surrounding domestic violence which also need to be recognised and urgent changes to domestic violence laws need to make it clear our laws apply to everyone equally to protect all Australian citizens from domestic violence regardless of heritage & religious beliefs.   Violence is not acceptable in our country & I'm asking for our laws to be urgently changed to protect all of us.  

Please sign & share to help achieve the necessary changes to laws urgently.  

Thank you from a survivor who is still scared & unprotected from domestic violence & abuse.