Urge the Australian Government to offer incentives for purchasing electric vehicles (EV)

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Electric Vehicles (EV) are part of the solution to decarbonise our environment, reduce tailpipe emissions, improve air quality, and help meet the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Whilst many Australian's want to purchase an EV and help improve the air we breathe, prices of EVs are out of reach for many due to taxes levied by Federal and State Governments.

In many countries of the world, incentives to purchase EVs encourage buyers through mechanisms such as:

  • zero sales tax, stamp duty, and plate fees
  • personal income tax deductions
  • purchase subsidies/rebates
  • road tax exemptions
  • free charging, and
  • access to bus lanes

By choosing to drive an EV, you would be helping in the reduction of local air pollution, total greenhouse gas and other emissions. Additionally, they also save governments significant money through not having to provide subsidies to fossil fuel companies, which in Australia amounted to $27 billion dollars in 2019. That's $50,000 per minute! 

To make EVs even more affordable to every Australian, we urge the Australian Government to provide tax rebates and other incentives for those that choose to purchase zero emission vehicles. Please sign and share this petition to make our voices heard.

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