Tougher penalties for Youth crime

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Attention hardworking people, I need you to all to let me know if you will rally with me to change the law of under age child committing countless crimes in our city. I will be starting a city petition first, then I will be taking a state petition and then hopefully a national petition to change the law so not only they will be accountable, but they’re parents will be also. Because today’s laws aren’t making any difference, it’s getting worse and we all know how devastating it is to find what we work for has been taken away from us with no consequences. I have a post on Facebook Cairns Crimes and Alerts and I am having an interview with 7 News soon. The only way we can change the law is to join together nationally to overpower the government’s law on this. Please sign and share. Thank you  #vote1tochangethelaw �#nomoresadnessorvoilenceonlypeace���