Enough is enough - we want the right to self determination!

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Enough is enough - we want the right to self determination!

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We feel that Point Cook is not getting a fair go. 

We are asking to be able to decide the future for our town.

We are putting the pressure on government; why should we allow them to govern us, when they have failed us so significantly?

Point Cook (a bay-side suburb of Melbourne, Australia) is an incredible community, but it still is lacking basic services and opportunities to access

- Local Employment Opportunities

- Appropriate Police Presence

- Secondary Schools sufficient for current and future population

- Recreational Facilities

- Transport Infrastructure

- Reliable Internet service access

In short, successive Governments have allowed a suburb be built, allows it to expand, without basics a suburb would need. 

Our politicians have failed us.

From The Age, April 29, 2015:
"But no one speaks for the real losers from restricting population growth in established suburbs – the many Melbournians with little choice but to make their home in outer suburbs that are experiencing acute growing pains.

Rapid population growth stretches outer suburban roads, schools, hospitals and public transport services to the limit. In 2013 Alamanda College in Point Cook in Melbourne's west had 422 students; by 2014 it had 806. Local roads are so congested it can take up to 40 minutes just to get out of the suburb and into bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Princes Freeway."

It is happening AGAIN

Developers are looking at adding THOUSANDS MORE houses to a suburb already feeling the pinch. Roads are already obsolete and over capacity, jobs far away, internet unconnected in many places, kids going to schools miles away. We need action now to mitigate even deeper problems in the future.  

It is sheer lunacy to build a suburb knowing that issues exist with infrastructure, schools, communications, roads, and more. Then to make it worse by adding more homes, it has gone well beyond a joke.

With unelected bodies allowed the final determination on the nature of our town, we have almost no power to shape the character of our own suburb. We have little choice but to demand independence as our own nation. What else can we do, protest to deaf ears?

We simply DO NOT TRUST the government to listen or to deliver.

Whats worse, issues we face today were raised in the Australian Government, by the former Prime Minister, FIFTEEN YEARS AGO - Ms Julia Gillard, on the 10 April 2000, in a speech said:

"there is the question of upgrading the necessary infrastructure if the site were to be devoted to housing development. For example, Point Cook Road—the road that links the base with the major freeway, the Princes Freeway—is in no way capable of taking extra traffic and is under standard for the volume of traffic that it currently is required to cater for.

To wait years and decades to help address key issues known from back then is not fair or reasonable.  Yet this is what reportedly the plan for our congestion.

It is not an exaggeration to say Point Cook helped to shape the modern world. And it is our belief, that this heritage, the history, and the community that has come together, should be protected. 

Why should we not hold our politicians to account for how they to govern us, when they have and continue to ignore our needs and fail this community in is so many different areas?

Please sign this petition, so that we can say Enough is Enough.  Action must be planned immediately and begin thereafter or our town is at risk of becoming an over populated, under resourced, catastrophe.  

Seceding from the Nation of Australia is not a reasonable or realistic path forward for Point Cook.  But continuing to build houses, satisfying only developers and the council with more rates dollars, with no plans to alleviate congestion is even far less reasonable.  

For more info: Point Cook Independence 

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