Suspend rent and mortgage payments during Covid-19 isolation crisis!

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It's now clear that Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is extremely close to shutting down our economy for weeks if not months, and with this in the mists of happening it will leave devastating effects on workers and small businesses owners. Due to Covid-19 countless Australians have been made redundant, lost their jobs or simply been too hard to secure a job position because of the fear instilled in them. Local and small business will go into bankruptcy and be forced to close down shop. Help support our community as well as our workers.  

Many of us simply just can't afford to pay rent or mortgage without any income coming in!

So help me as ask our government to act in a similar way to Italy, and suspend all rent and mortgage payments while this crisis lasts. 

The government is simply not doing enough! Telling us to remain inside and isolate is not enough! Handing out $750 through Centrelink to people is not enough!  We need a change and we need it now before our economy is run into the ground. Leaving our country in a state of struggle!

Decisions are being made right now about our government's response, involving huge amounts of our tax money. If we all sign and share, we can build a massive call to make sure they know we want them to make suspending rent and mortgage payments a priority.