Petition Update

Videos evidence of violence and human rights violations by the MB in Egypt

Reham Maklad
sandringham, Australia

Sep 5, 2013 — A compilation of videos of live footage showing both the nature of the brotherhood and some of their infringements by Morsi Supporters. Please use this list in any way to assist exposing the truth. The western media is showing the Muslim Brotherhood as peaceful protesters contrary to the truth and their violent past and present. These videos are critical evidence that contradicts the reports in the main stream media and needs to be shared.

تجميع لبعض اللقطات التى توضح الانتهاكات التى يقوم بها الإخوان وأنصار الرئيس المعزول محمد مرسى
1. MB Leader Walid Khattab: We will drown the streets in blood and, for us, killing police officers is allowed.
القيادي الإخواني وليد خطاب: سنغرق الشوارع "بالدم".. وضباط الشرطة والجيش ليس لهم عندنا دية

2. A Morsi Supporter threatens to set the country on fire
أحد أنصار مرسي يهدد "بحرق البلاد" بعد القبض عليه في "النهضة"

3. MB aggression in Rabaa sit in