Support Bullying Prevention Training for ALL School Students

Support Bullying Prevention Training for ALL School Students

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Jeff Horn and his company AMAYDA have worked tirelessly with BULLYPROOF Australia supporting thousands of school students with bullying prevention training over the last couple of years with amazing results. 

We believe it's time that the Federal Government seriously look at this issue that is negatively impacting the lives of millions of school students every day.

We are currently lobbying the Federal Government to make Bullying Prevention Training available to every student as a mandatory part of the education and training they receive in school.

Below is the reason WHY we need your support and HERE are the facts about bullying in Australia!

  • There are over 45 million recorded bullying incidents and there are only around 4 million school kids enrolled
  • 1 in 4 kids are bullied, this equates to 1 million students every day
    160,000 kids avoid going to school due to bullying-related issues
  • Suspensions, detention, and expulsion rates in Australian schools are the highest in history
  • $14 million in work cover claims related to teachers suffering from the negative impact of student behaviour 
  • Based on the latest survey of 41 countries Australia is the number #1 for most recorded bullying incidents in schools
  • 98% of students surveyed said they either experienced or witnessed bullying on a regular basis 
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers reported that Bullying is a 2.3 BILLION dollar problem right now
  • Mental health is costing Australia $60 BILLION dollars per year
  • QLD alone is estimated at more than $600 MILLION!

We know there is a solution... and it all comes down to student mentoring, education, and training. Giving our school kids the power and support they need to be able to positively resolve stressful bullying situations.

It is not a question if this approach to bullying prevention works; as it has now been proven year on year with the Jeff Horn AMAYDA Programs, already educating and training more than 2500 school students across 43 schools.

The results show that with a focus on hands-on training with qualified mentors we achieve a 98.7% success rate improving the lives of the youth that complete our programs in schools. 

We need your support to show the government that the Australian people care about the mental health issues plaguing our children, our families, and our nation.  The reality is, when there is proven to be a solution, it should be made available to everyone in the community and the government must get behind it.

Studies show that children who have been exposed to bullying during their school years can carry negative effects with them throughout their whole life.  

Finally, something to think about! We teach our children to swim as a life skill to keep them safe.  So why don't we teach our children to manage conflict in a positive way to get the best outcome for them?

Bullying prevention training should be available to ALL school students as a way to teach them how to not just survive life but to thrive in life. 

Please sign and share this petition with everyone that you can, as we all need to stand up for our kids and work together to change the cultural acceptance of bullying forever.

For more information on the Jeff Horn AMAYDA Programs, Please visit our website for more information. or go to to join the BullyProof Community.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!