Stop the Australian government from sinking $6.7 million on a replica of the endeavour.

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2020 marks the 250th anniversary of Captain James Cook’s first voyage to Australia on the Endeavour. The replica of the Endeavour, currently a permanent exhibit at the Australian National Maritime Museum, will circumnavigate Australia, something the original ship never even did. The journey will be marked by a series of events along the 39-stop route. 


Australia Day, currently celebrated annually on the 26th of January, falls on the anniversary of the First Fleet landing in Port Jackson. In recent years, there has been significant and growing support for Australia Day to be moved to another date, and for the 26th of January to be renamed “Invasion Day”. This is due to the fact that the landing of the First Fleet in Port Jackson symbolises the beginning of a series of events that led to the systematic oppression and attempted genocide of Indigenous Australians.


Captain Cook’s first voyage to Australia is symbolic of the same events, and as such, is also a cruel and inconsiderate event to celebrate. Making things even worse it that the government has decided to spend $50 million in total, inclusive of the $6.7 million needed for the replica Endeavour’s journey, when it has also decided to cut $10 million in funding for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services from 2020 onwards.


The current Liberal National government obviously have no idea where their priorities should lie. Do not support a government that has decided to prioritise commemorating an event that symbolises centuries and generations of hurt over supporting Indigenous Australians that have been disadvantaged through no fault of their own.


Remind the government that Australia is a nation that values compassion. Remind the government that Australia is a nation that cares. Remind the government that Australia is still a great nation.


This is your opportunity to stand in solidarity with Indigenous Australians, and inform the government that irresponsible spending of taxpayer funds is unacceptable.


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