Stop silos of empires

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Community control goes to the heart of self determination.

All Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations were formed on a human rights agenda.

Aboriginal organisations have a criteria to become a financial/ voting member and correctly so.

Peak body / state wide Aboriginal community controlled organisations are funded annually by State and Commonwealth Government dollars .

Tens of millions of public dollars (each)

Some of these organisations have adopted and use model rules that allows the board to control the membership and maintain power by denying  eligible Aboriginal people membership to their own organisations without need to provide any reason for doing so.

This has allowed the creation of empires and the sacrifice of service delivery and outcomes.

This is not in accordance with the definition of community control.

Not in accordance with the principles of self determination.

Not in accordance with the UN Charter 

of Indigenous people's rights.

Not acting in the best interests of Aboriginal Organisations taking into account their principles.

I am seeking all Australians to petition state and federal government to stop funding Peak Aboriginal state wide organisations that have this rule in place.This is allowing such orgs to send their own people back to pre 1967 conditions that denies eligible Aboriginal people their right to their individual voice and their vote in their own affairs in their own community.

Stop allowing public money from funding such organisations.

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