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stop all immigration from non-English speaking countries

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Housing prices are through the roof due to ridiculous immigration levels. So-called 'refugees are given access to public housing straight away while thousands of Australians are homeless. Our public housing waiting lists are years long, half the families in Australia have no secure accommodation, meaning that kids have to keep changing schools and community cohesion is lost, thats if it even gets a chance to form. Enough is enough! 

Our welfare system is struggling, Australians are struggling to find work and our natural resources are already stretched to breaking point. The migration level needs to be cut to near zero, with allowances for those who come from a similar culture that will integrate easily, such as the UK, USA, and South Africans fleeing the ANC regime. The huge influx of middle-eastern Muslims that dont or wont integrate is causing resentment, or worse, within the Australian community, by which I mean, the descendants of the Anzacs and our indiginous people. As someone recently said, "If you want to move to a new country and be a part of that nation, you need to come with the intention of fitting in, of having a new and better life, of learning the customs and language of your host nation. If you move to a new nation with the intention of harm, change, takeover, or destruction - then you are not an immigrant
you are an INVADER.

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