Single tax rate.

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We as working Australians desperately need a single tax rate. In the current economic environment many workers have found that the golden days of having one job and the security of being with one employer till retirement are over, in order to survive and even have a fighting chance to own a home many have to take multiple jobs with different companies and the tax is crippling,whilst large companies are well documented as paying nil to nothing in tax due to disproportionate legislation and poor policy from multiple party's in the past.

          Key points and benifits. 

  1. Single tax rate for all workers earning under $120,000 per annum who have more than one position with different employers. 
  2. Employers can afford to hire more workers and offer more hours including flexible times.
  3. Increased expenditure guarantees support across multiple industries primarily the housing market.
  4. Australian companies becoming more competitive with foreign owned companies due to cost savings.
  5. Reduced social security support due to more available positions.