Seeking deportation of athlete over stayers

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After the Australian commonwealth games 1 in 30 athletics have over stayed their time in Australia. Some have not been found while others are already receiving Australian benefits and recieving housing. We as an Australian community need to come together and get them deported ASAP. Australia is forever putting ourself last and its time for us to stand up and put a stop to it. Athletes and other Commonwealth Games team members had until May 15 to leave Australia or apply for another visas. But It is believed those who remain are from African countries including Cameroon, Uganda, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. If we keep letting this Happen Australia will not survive. Our pensioners / ex veterans already struggle, our single parents just make ends meat, the cost of childcare goes up which means parents have to stay home while it’s not worth sending our children to care. If we can deport New Zealand citizens like nothing then we must do something about deporting these illegal immigrants who will soon be calling Australia home while they take our system for granted.  


The unfair part about this situation is not only the rise of homelessness in Australia but the fact as well is also the people from our neighboring countries etc New Zealand, often come to Australia for a better life. They can live, study and work without needing a visa and yet they aren’t entitled to our benefits. Some even have Australian children but still aren’t entitled to benefits for their Australian children. Most work harder then any other in the field of work yet when times get tough for them like being made redundant or they’re trying to better themselves by doing an apprenticeship, applying for courses/ traineeships or going to university. They STILL aren’t entitled to our payments. And vise verser if us Australians move to New Zealand under the same circumstances.


So much for the ANZAC SPIRT ! 

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