Get stranded Aussies home. Lift the flight caps.

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In July 2020, the Australian government implemented flight caps to manage quarantine levels after the outbreak of Covid-19 in Melbourne. As a result, over 40,000 Australians are stranded overseas.

Instead of increasing the number of hotels available and training more security guards/military/police which would create jobs and help the economy - they've chosen to reduce the amount of Australians that are allowed to enter per flight each day to approximately 30pax. Doing so has caused airlines to continually bump economy passengers in preference of higher paying Business/First-class tickets which cost up to $20,000. 

Airlines are informing people they're "cancelled" on the day or even at the airport - meaning people have already packed up their lives and some are left homeless. There are people sleeping at airports desperate to get the next available flight which impacts their health and greatly increases their chances of contracting the virus instead of being safe in Australian quarantine. I personally have been bumped from my flight 7 times since July and if the caps continue I have very little hope to return to Australia this year. The inability to get home to Australia is negatively affecting people's mental and physical health and causing some to become suicidal. Stranded Australians feel 'stateless' and neglected by the Australian government who should have the safety of all of it's citizens in their best interest.

We're not asking for handouts or free flights - we're asking for the freedom to enter our country. Please sign this petition to show your support for stranded Australians abroad and to urge the government to increase/remove the flight caps and get us home!

It is every Australian's right to enter Australia.