Reform on Newstart Allowance

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I am just shocked at repeatedly seeing all news including tonight on Channel 7 about Newstart. Not one forum has addressed the White Elephant in the Room which is the fact the age group is 22-64yrs old having to go for 20 jobs a month to keep their payment. So lets look at that how does someone in their 50's & 60's get a job against someone in their 20's to 30's? Employers do not care at all about experience only how long they can continue to work in that field and how little they have to pay. So I have no need to explain how stupid that is to put us all in one bracket. Then you have the fact of politicians saying that we should be able to survive on $13,000 per year as we get family benefits, rental benefits, utilities etc well not many people get family benefits in their late 40's onwards and the utility supplement is $20 not much more! Then lets address the mental health here of knowing there is no hope of getting a job against people so much younger and being able to survive on $250 a week when 100+ are going for the same Job. Then address the fact so many people at 57yrs old are pulling out their Super just to be able to have a roof over their head on those funds. I would like to see one Politician live on that for a month not owning a house and having to rent just to have a roof over their head and have worked all their life till companies started to make 50yr olds redundant - Australia should be ashamed at were we have headed. If you live at home yeah great $250 week - if you don't you are on the street distraught - Please address the White Elephant as enough of it being ignored