Puppy farming MUST stop

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Puppy farming is one of the cruellest things I have ever seen. Why are some people just so careless about other living things? 

Puppy farms are absolutely disgusting. It is extremely unhygienic and there are frequent long health and behavioural issues as they experience a lack of adequate socialisation. It is so overcrowded and barely cleaned. 

Puppies and dogs in puppy mills do not experience treats, play, toys, exercise or even basic grooming. Lack of basic health checks and grooming means more problems, like ear infections and matting. Often times the mother dog will have a belly that can drop down onto the ground because the area is infected and inflames. This is also mainly due to them breeding too much and having to give birth to too many puppies.

One of my friends had a Beagle, it was a beautiful dog. Her belly was almost touching the ground, and I asked her: "Hey, why does your dog have such a big belly?" She told me that her dog was rescued from a puppy mill and now the dog is so beautiful and well treated.

Death is extremely common in puppy mills. Many sick and untreated dogs die in the cages, and if a dog is unable to breed, it will get killed in multiple ways.

Online and in store, 99% of the puppies do come from puppy mills, no matter what the breeder on shop owner says. Mother dogs remain locked up their whole lives and have half the life expectancy of the average dog. 20% of their puppies don't even make it to the stores.

Many people get reputable breeders and puppy mill breeders mixed up. Puppy mills force their dogs to breed non-stop to the point that they don't even have time to rest. They generally don't care about the well being of the dog itself. I myself have a dog from a reputable breeder. We saw the mother and father dog and they were both in great condition. They were groomed perfectly and had a beautiful backyard to roam around in. The mother dog only needs to give birth for up to 3 years and the dog generally only needs to give birth to one litter of puppies every year, sometimes even less!

In most cases, puppy mills and actually legal, which just blows my mind. Why would the government let something so cruel and disgusting something legal? 

Please sign this petition and spread awareness by telling friends and family. More people need to be aware that this is happening every day. These beautiful dogs must have justice and more love and care because they deserve it.