OFFICIAL: Petition to eliminate Scott Morrison From Office - HELP OUR AUSSIE'S

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As we all know, Australia is the country on FIRE - We've lost hundreds of thousands of native wildlife, loved ones all around the country have lost their homes, Volunteer firefighters are ONLY getting paid if they have jobs (not a single thought about the lower demographic society who are helping fight these fires)... All whilst Scott Morrison is sitting back in luxury  boycotting climate change for his political benifet whilst Australia suffers. 

This is the official petition to get Scott out of office & stand up for our country. There are more warm hearted Aussies fighting this fire then any government officials can bring to the table & his way of thanking us is being shot by a camera whilst he's twiddling his thumbs in riches


The power of the people is a real thing so please do not hesitate to sign! It takes two seconds & we can finally get someone WORTHY of running our country in office. 


Let's get back on our feet Australia!!