National Military Style Boot Camp Service for Juvenile Offenders.

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The management of juvenile offenders needs to change. Juvenile offenders are currently being sentenced to detention centres for rehabilitation though we have seen of late that this is simply not working. The laws prevent staff working in these facilities to intervene in the management of rioting behaviours and violence unless they themselves feel their own safety is at risk. So here we have young offenders being placed in detection centres free to riot, destroy property and continue to to flout their 'untouchable' stance. How does this rehabilitate the kids of today and steer them back onto the right path. The system is just simply not working and we are left with youth that are sent to detection centres and are able to continue in their destructive path against themselves, society and the law. How, at such a young age, they got there is a multifaceted problem. This petition deals with how we should be managing these young offenders when they have fallen into the system. Often these offenders have fallen into drugs and the gang life mentality. They appear tough and cool to their peers. They are subsequently placed into detention with kids of the same mentality and their status amongst such peers grow. What they need is to learn respect, self worth, discipline and lose the embedded belief of today that they are 'entitled' I believe that the day had come whereby society is not going to tolerate the behaviour and attitudes of these young offenders anymore. With more home invasions, robberies, car jacking and thefts than ever before being committed by young offenders it's time for society to stand up and say enough is enough of mollycoddling these offenders. It is time for these offenders to be dealt with properly to get them on to the right path in life. If we don't do something now then we are in real trouble. 

This petition asks those in favour of sending violent juvenile offenders into mandatory National Service type programs to petition the Australian Government to address this issue as a matter of urgency.  These offenders do not need to be send to a detention centre, they need to be sent into programs whereby they learn respect, values, self control, discipline and a sense of self worth. They need to be challenged and broken and rebuilt not pampered and sent somewhere where they are 'protected' to continue their path of believing that they are 'untouchable' and owed by society. 

I have experienced first hand the devastating end result of these juveniles actions and have witnessed the support being given by their fellow peers to them even though they took a life of another. It is sickening to see that these young people just simply don't get it. As such I have spent months searching social media sites to gauge the attitudes and behaviours of juveniles and I can assure you that we are facing challenges like we never have before. I see young children taking photos and placing on social media with bandanas across their faces because they want to look like a gangster, I see teenagers idolising criminals on social media. I see teenagers with tattoos 'f**k the police' branded in them. I see the constant 'bro code' of 'we don't talk to police'. I see social media pages with teenagers openly bragging about their meth and cannabis usage. They are 'above the law' and sending these kids to detection centres is not going to fix this problem. They have no respect for themselves, law enforcement or society. 

Time to step up Australia and do something constructive about this problem. It's time to send these offenders to 'National Military Style Boot Camp'. It should be mandatory sentencing for all juveniles to spend 3-6 months in a facility where they don't get to play table tennis and have their meals placed in front of them. They need to be taught to work for what they want, they are not 'entitled'. Society does not owe them. If we continue on the current path, we have ourselves a generation of violent youth offenders who are going to become adult burdens on our society and the prison system because they will continue on the path of 'entitlement' and I for one am not going to spend the rest of my life putting my hard earned tax dollars into a system that simply doesn't work. They need tough love, a reality check and a program that works on the core values that are clearly lacking within their lives.

So please, if you support a mandatory 'National Military Style Boot Camp' to teach young offenders respect, self worth, discipline, core values and a much needed attitude and behaviour adjustment then please sign this petition. Time to stand up Australia. Many of these juveniles don't have to continue down this path but under our current system it's not likely they will ever get out.