mandatory flu vaccine in aged care

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A rushed implementation of mandatory influenza vaccines for all aged care staff, volunteers and visitors is now legislation. No-one is able to enter a nursing home if you have not had the flu shot, therefore mandatory Flu vaccine, even if it is a contraindication to your own health. Those working in aged care are now faced with the dilemma of risking their health due to medical contraindications, to receive the flu shot to keep their job.

At less than 50% efficiency rate why is this mandatory.


Everyone deserves the right to so no! I'm not an anti-vaxer however, due to medical reasons my doctor has told me not to have the flu shot, the risk is too high. This means I will not have a job, like many others in this situation.

I can understand if those not vaccinated were not rostered on during the flu season, that I can handle. But to take employees rights away if they don't comply, is against human rights.

If employees have a reaction or serious side effect to this, will it be WorkCover? I doubt it. With links to serious autoimmune diseases such as Gillian Barre syndrome that comes with life long medical expenses and rehabilitation, this should be covered by WorkCover.

No one should have to risk their life to be employed, especially as one of the lowest paid occupations in the country.

P.S. the residents still have the right to refuse to be vaccinated.