Make Airsoft/BB Guns legal in Australia!

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A staggering 62.8% of Australian Citizens are Obese and a number of those are Children, 30,000 of them to be exact. The problem is the fact that all the fun sports are either illegal of restricted until they basically aren't fun anymore. As someone who has experienced these laws and restrictions firsthand, I can tell you that it completely ruins the sport. Even when we were so close to having something that resembled an Airsoft Gun it was torn away from us, this item that was restricted was gel ball guns, harmless guns that shot Orbeez.

Australia can you at least humour us by making it legal but restrict it? I have a solution for you, perhaps you can create an airsoft arena license restricting the sport to a few remote areas, if you are caught with the gun in an urban area you can face a fine. You could also extent the orange tip making it cover the entirety of the weapon in an orange paint, making it more distinguishable to the police or civilians. And if you are still unsure you can restrict the guns to spring powered guns instead of gas powered weapons, this would slow down the fire rate of the weapon making it less dangerous, but again Airsoft is completely safe if you enforce these restrictions and give it a chance.

These changes would also decrease time that Teenagers spend inside playing video games, as they would have a real life counterpart to what they are playing online, as a 14 yo I would know! These changes would help increase tourism in Australia along with decreasing obesity in Children and Adults alike, and it would allow me to participate in a sport that I'm actually interested in, all my life I've had trouble finding a sport that suited me in every way, and only two years ago I adopted aussie rules football even then it still has something missing. so please Australia don't end my chances of ever playing this sport.

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