Macron's insulting, inciteful and misguided comments about Islam MUST BE CONDEMNED

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Boycotting French products is simply not enough to show the world that the French reaction to this problem is outrageous and unacceptable!

The recent comments by French President Emmanuel Macron were nothing short of insulting, hostile and offensive. They were Islamophobic, and instead of leading as a proper leader should and calling for the unity of his people, he created an even bigger divide amongst the French people and marginalised a community that is already suffering at his hands. 

President Macron incited hatred towards Muslims and attacked Islam instead of using his position to encourage harmony, understanding and respect for all religions.

He further encouraged the display of blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and then targeted Islam and Muslims knowing perfectly well the type of reactions he would receive. He attacked one of the greatest religions in the world and that is NOT OKAY.  Religious intolerance is NOT OKAY. Hate speech is NOT OKAY. Targeting a whole religion instead of a single act is NOT OKAY. 

President Macron MUST apologise and our Australian government MUST condemn the statements made that have offended and hurt such a large portion of the Australian community. This issue is not just an issue for Muslims; this is an issue that concerns everyone. Freedom of speech is not the same as hate speech and MUST be condemned.