Let the children, women and men eat, there dying of starvation

Let the children, women and men eat, there dying of starvation

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How would you feel if you had a kid, let's say he was 10, they are begging you for food, they are starving, there bones are visible through the skin and you being the parent cannot do anything about it.



There has been a war waging in Yemen since 2015,  since the beginning of the war it's estimated Around 80,000 children, women and men have died as a consequence of the ongoing war.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest aggressor in this war, last week they hit a school bus carrying 40 children, all the 40 are now deceased.

They have hit weddings, party's, schools, and are constantly dropping bombs as the ammunition is endless as is there money because of the petrol.

They were in the spotlight again 2 weeks ago for being involved in the murder of an American resident in there embassy in Turkey.

Imagine just for a second.... it's your big day, your happy and everyone's attending your wedding, next minute a bomb comes along and half the invited people are dead, there's blood everywhere, probably even human pieces lying around.

Or imagine you send your kid to school and a military aircraft targets there school bus, you won't be able to see your kid again and they do the same thing again a few weeks later without consequences and no justice.

There is a disease now spreading in Yemen due to a blockade of food, water and health aid. The situation is really bad. 

Some facts below are about Saudi Arabia. 

Saudi Arabia executes people the same way Isis do, they behead people in public with a sword to the neck, they were the biggest funders of Isis other terrorist organisation fighting the government.

15 of the 19 men accused of the 911 bombing where Saudi nationals.

Sir Richard Branson recently cancelled his business trip to Saudi Arabia due to the murder of the American citizen in Saudi's  embassy in Turkey.

Saudi Arabia doesn't have a president, they have a king, which is passed on to the son and to the next son and so on, its a family run country, on October 29 they executed an Indonesian maid who killed her employer in self defense because he was sexually harassing her. It was faced with backlash in Indonesia as they executed her without warning or notifying the Indonesian government.

The United nations has constantly condemned the aggression and asked for peace and warned about the situation regarding starvation and estimates that w

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To the Australian government, we want you to stand up for whats right, for humanity, for justice, for what you teach us here in school and boycott all products from Saudi Arabia, stop all economic and other ties with Saudi Arabia, and enforce a path into Yemen to do nothing other then provide food and water for these hungry kids and there parents.


874 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!