Let Tasmanian FIFO workers come home.

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Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Australian states have closed their borders to all non-essential workers. How ever,  in all states except Tasmania, FIFO workers are considered essential workers due to the income mining is bringing to the government. This is also made possible by the strict contols have been put in place by these mine sites to protect their people from COVID 19, as an out break on site has the potential to shut down the mine. 

Tasmania however refuses to see these workers as essential as in the eyes of the Tasmanian government they bring no income into the state of Tasmania. So the Gutwein government has chosen treat them like second class citizens. Unable to come home to see family as there time off is equal to the time the government requires you to stay in isolation in their facilities. Why can't these people isolate in their homes?  Exemption applications are being turned down constantly even for things such as mental health issues, be it with them selves or a family member, funerals and other family emergencies. Soon we will be seeing deaths from suicides due to limited family access. LETS FIX THIS BEFORE IT GETS THAT FAR! 

The refusal to class FIFO workers essential like every other state in this great country of Australia, this not only unfair to those workers, but also to their family's. This is not only showing a lack of compassion on their side but is also damn right un-Australian. Come on Tasmania, Let our FIFO workers come home!