Keep YOUR Allied HEALTH Practitioners OPEN! Ease the burden OUR medical system may face.

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The Victorian government is threatening the closure of Allied Health Practitioners with Level 4 Restrictions for Covid-19 in place across Melbourne.


Millions of Australians depend on their Allied Health Practitioners to keep their physical and mental health in check on a regular basis - now more than ever. For many people having access to such services is the difference between debilitating pain, mental illness, behavioural disorder management, or an array of other diseases and conditions that impair quality of life. For many, their allied health treatment is what has enabled them to endure the economic and mental strain of previous Covid restrictions and or to generally enjoy the many benefits allied health has to offer.

With lockdown threatening to block access to care from allied health practitioners this could soon be a major problem for millions of Australians.

With the inevitable toll that Covid restrictions place on peoples health and wellbeing there is a great chance that this political imposition could cause more problems for many individuals than it solves. 

Or worse for everybody else, these people will have to change their approach to western medicine putting great strain and pressure on a system that is currently trying to fend off a pandemic, not to mention that these people will be gathering and waiting in great numbers.

Please help keep Australian allied health practitioners open, allow our citizens the right to health autonomy and ongoing care without medical referral and ease the pressure on our already stressed medical system. 

We are all in this together, so let's not close down the people who can make the greatest difference in keeping the healthy people healthy, those who need support supported, and the sick people away from doctors and hospitals.