The Denouncement of the Bangladesh Government

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In the past week thousands of young Bangladeshi citizens have taken to the streets to protest and demand safer streets. Police and other government officials have taken extreme measures against relatively peaceful protests. Peaceful protesters should not face this kind of mistreatment when attempting to the solve issues they face in their community. These youths are not only being attacked and assaulted by officials but are having their online voices suppressed. 

As a student living in Australia, challenges and restrictions like this are a rare occurrence. Why should one government be able to unjustly control something that I can do so openly and freely in my own nation?

An international denouncement of the events happening and the government in power would demonstrate the inappropriateness of the events that are occurring.

The signing of this petition would show the Bangladeshi Government that the methods they are using to control the peaceful rallies are not effective or acceptable to much of the world.