Include Australia's Already Disadvantaged in the COVID-19 Stimulus Supplement

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Those with disabilities, and their carers if they require them, are one of the most at risk communities during this current COVID-19 pandemic, yet the support and care offered to this community appears to be sorely lacking. This has been clearly evident with the purposeful exclusion of people with disabilities and carers from the second coronavirus stimulus package announced this past week.

While amendments have been made to all student and Youth Allowance payments, which we are thrilled to see as this support is direly needed for this demographic, when the point was raised to also include those receiving disability support pensions or carer's payments, the decision was made to purposely exclude this community from the second stimulus package even though these individuals are at a much greater risk from both the health and financial consequences of this pandemic.

We are urgently calling on the Australian Government, and especially the Minister for Families and Social Services, Senator the Hon. Anne Ruston (whom has been given authority to make additional amendments to the stimulus while the parliament is taking leave until August), to include those on disability support pensions and carer's payments in the second coronavirus stimulus for the same $550 per fortnight rate as everyone else.

Those with disabilities are part of the same workforce, the same tax system, the same community and the same Australian way of life that we all are, so why should they be treated as less than. So do the right thing to help your fellow Australians get the support they deserve during this crisis.