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Hold Eco Activists to Account and STOP THIER LIES

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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – Extreme Eco Activists have no moral compass and Australians need to stand up and say NO MORE!


All around the world ECO Activists are doing everything in their power to restrict access and drive energy producers out of business... all under the banner of CLIMATE CHANGE.  Their lies and deceit are fooling many who believe their outlandish claims.  Australians care about the environment, we don’t care for lies!


Australia’s future is being dominated by Eco Activists priorities – regardless of the impact on the economy or our population’s needs.  For example the Crown of Thorns Starfish has been identified as one of the major threats to the Great Barrier Reef, yet Eco Activists are trying to shut down mining to ‘save the reef’. 


These extreme ECO Activists have well organised, coordinated and effective plans in practice to destroy Australia’s coal industry.  Most are well funded overseas organisations who prey on people to believe their lies and join their fight.


Instead of contributing to solutions for alternative power and the energy/climate debate, they are derailing and attempting to destroy our only source of reliable and affordable energy.


Eco Activists have no solution so why are we letting them hold up our coal industry?  Why are we letting small business close and jobs fly out the window just to strengthen their agenda’s?  Why are we letting them hurt Aussie Families???


Why do we let them into our court system?  How can we let Aussie families suffer without jobs whilst these projects are held up for year after year????


Why do we fund these overseas scientists to study in OUR universities with a view to shut down coal exports?  Why don’t we fund Aussie students to find solutions to the real issues???


We have to take a stand on this issue. One side is right; one side is quite simply wrong and deserves to be held accountable.


BY signing the petition below we are showing the Australians won’t be dictated to by propaganda and foolish deceit.  We won’t let them destroy our FARMERS, FISHING, and MINING, SMALL BUSINESS or any other Australian industry or trade. 






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