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IMAGINE being told today that you have oral cancer...

It's advanced and you're about to go through hell having your tongue partially removed, your neck dissected to remove 60 lymph nodes, 32 sessions of radiation that causes permanent dry mouth as your salivary glands are burnt, inflammation, taste buds disappear, never ending pain, limited jaw movement, your speech impaired and eat mush like food for the rest of your life?

You go through all this and 12 months later... the insidious disease has spread to your trigeminal nerves and is now Stage 4.  You have a nerve biopsy to confirm this which leaves your mouth and chin permanently numb and your now down to 38kgs because you can't eat properly and have to battle another 25 sessions of radiation which causes your lower jaw bone to disintegrate and you now have a titanium plate there and 40 sessions of two hour daily hyperbaric chamber treatment to try and get the operation to heal.  You spend months on end in hospital, live in chronic pain and still have to try and 'live' your life.  This is my story..... a three year battle with no end in sight....

NOW IMAGINE that your oncologist tells you that there is an option, a drug called KEYTRUDA that can really help you to fight the cancer and it's not toxic like chemotherapy and has fantastic results for those people who respond!  KEYTRUDA is offered when cancer has spread or cannot be taken out by surgery.  KEYTRUDA works by helping your immune system fight your cancer.

You get a little excited to think there's a chance of you getting better and then he tells you..... the treatment costs $2,748 every 3 weeks and is not on the PBS scheme for your type of cancer.....  WHAT THE HELL?  Cancer is cancer.... what's the difference?  If you have a melanoma... you are financially fortunate - almsost all the treatment is covered and ONLY COSTS $39.50!  If you have oral cancer (for the record was not a result from drinking or smoking), you pay $2,748 each treatment..... IT'S CRIMINAL.  

In my case, Keytruda is what is KEEPING me alive today - a super success story, a pin up girl if you like for the revolutionary immunotherapy treatment!  I can watch my children grow up a little more, I can spend more precious time with my husband, family and friends, I can spend more time volunteering in the community and baking cakes for everyone!  But, what happens when the money for treatment completely runs out.......................   

we all know what happens and it doesn't need to be that way!

WHERE'S THE JUSTICE?  AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT - GET KEYTRUDA ON THE PBS FOR HEAD AND NECK CANCERS!!!  We have had to find almost $60,000 in almost 12 months to get the treatment - it's not something that we can keep going with!

battling cancer is hard enough without the financial battle to stay alive.... I want to keep being supergirl and keep fighting to live!