Financial support from government for backpackers stranded in Australia due to Corona

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There are around 140.000 people from all around the world coming to Australia every single year, with a working holiday visa, to work and getting to know this beautiful country. Backpackers are a big part of the economy, especially in hard labor jobs like construction, farm work, animal care or hospitality. We contribute a big part of the economy, as there would not be enough Australians working in these jobs otherwise. We also put a lot of money into the system as we live and consume here. Now the corona crisis has hit us harder than probably any other group: we mostly lost our jobs, didn´t make enough money to save up much, have no family here who could support us and have to be afraid to even be homeless once hostels will be closed. As there are basically other option than staying here at the moment, it is just a matter of time until we will struggle to survive in a first world country. I ask for financial government support for all backpackers during the time of the lockdown, so we can cover basic costs for living.