Extension of visas for people who exceeded the age limit during the covid pandemic

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Working holiday visa holders over 30 or 35 (depending on the country) are being affected by travel restrictions during the covid19 pandemic. We could not enter the country since the borders are closed. All of us have spent resources, have left their jobs and organised their entire lives in the pursuit of this dream. We want to travel to Australia to live the working holiday experience, learn about the culture of the country and contribute to the Australian economy. 

The Australian government has only given us the option of getting a refund whereas people under 30/35 are offered an extension of their visas. We consider this a discriminatory act since when we applied, we met all the requirements as younger people did. The borders have been closed for many months now and logically, many people exceeded the age limit. It is completely unfair that after working so hard to get our visas, we lose them for something that is beyond control. We are in the middle of a worldwide crisis and we not deserve to be punished. We are only asking for what is fair. We do not want the money back, we want to have our visas extended.

Please help us so we can achieve this and live this adventure we have been planning and dreaming about for so long and worked so hard to get.