Equality for Service animals. Regulate "No Dogs/Pets" signs to allow service animals.

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Many disabled people require the assistance of service animals (such as guide dogs, hearing dogs, PTSD/autism/seizure alert dogs etc.), and there are a lot of places that post signs that state that no dogs or pets are allowed, without stating that service animals are legally exempt from any no pets rule/clause, as per the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

Many people can be confused by these signs, and could potentially harass disabled people, not knowing of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, and how it's a legal requirement for disabled with service animals to be able to go anywhere general public can go.

It saddens me, as I know several good people who depend on the use of service animals. I believe that the Australian Government should make it a legal requirement for all "No dogs/pets" signs to state that service animals that are specifically trained to assist a disabled person are welcome. I believe that disabled people should have the right not to be harassed for having a service animal.

Please join me in my campaign for equality for disabled with service dogs/animals.