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TSEGAYE ARARSSA is an asylum seeker who is living in Melbourne, Australia. He has been involved in the recent violent unrest/genocide encouraging and ordering ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia, oromia region which in response over 280 Ethiopian citizens lost their lives, woman and children raped and properties burn down to the ground following his hate speech and order through social media networks.
It started on the evening of June 29,2020 after an Ethiopian artist Hachalu Hundessa, who is known for being an ardent critics of the former TPLF regime assassinated in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Following the news of the assassination, Mr Tsegaye Ararsa and other Oromo extremist activist started spreading hate speech targeting non Oromo ethnic living in the Oromia region using a media platform called OMN (oromia media network). 

He is interfering with the ongoing investigation of the assassination that the Ethiopian government is conducting, claiming to know the responsible bodies behind the assassination and giving wrong information to his followers which is fuelling up the situation.
He is also repeatedly motivating extremist Oromo people to block the road, burn property and undertake ethnic cleansing in the region.
As we all know, what happened in Rwanda in 1994 is a good reminder how a hate speech targeting one ethnic group using a media has resulted in one of the worst genocide history that the world will remember forever.

An extensive amount of Ethiopian Australian are urgently asking the Australian government to hand him over to the Ethiopian government to face the appropriate criminal prosecution.