Waive Citizenship Ceremonies for Approved Applicants

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Victory! The Department of Home Affairs has commenced trialling Virtual Citizenship Ceremonies

As you many of you may have noticed, The Department of Home Affairs made an announcement on 6th April 2020 that it has commenced trialling one-on-one ceremonies for those already approved for Australian citizenship.

I was personally lucky enough to have my citizenship ceremony this Monday 20/04/20 and finally become an Aussie after 5 years of being in Australia and 2 years of preparation before migrating to this incredible country that we now call home. Just like the almost 90,000 of you out there, It has been a long dream (and need of mine after having to flee my home country) to become an Aussie.

The virtual citizenship ceremony process was simple, quick (it only lasted 8min) and super lovely with a very chirppy gentleman that officiated my ceremony compensating for not being able to have any of my loved ones with me due to the short notice.

To all of you, we made it!! I would like to thank you all for your support in making this a reality. The long wait is over! And with it, the uncertainty in the lives of many of us and our families.

Please be patient, the Department is doing a great job and I know of many that have already had their ceremonies in the last week. Moreover, it will likely get quicker as poeple overcome the learning curve.

Special thank you to Suman Verma for starting this with me and being the link to SBS News, to Maani Truu & John Baldock for helping us gain media exposure and putting us on the radar, and to The Hon David Coleman MP and The Hon Alan Tudge MP (acting Minister) for making this happen, this has truly change our lives!

Please stay safe and take care of yourselves and eachother.

Thank you!

Susan Parmentier

Webex calendar invite received: 17/04/2020

Virtual Ceremony: 20/04/2020

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Susan Parmentier
6 months ago