Climate Education in Victorian schools- Time to teach kids to act.

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Climate change is obviously an extremely important problem. However, it is not enough for some companies to advertise themselves based off 'sustainability'. To have the best chance at fighting the issue, children need to be educated thoroughly so that by the time we are adults, we can do a lot more.

People most likely to be affected by climate change are the young who have yet to experience the full effects of it. Australia faces multiple environmental and economical impacts from the problem. Being an island, the rise of water on the coastlines from melting ice is a struggle. Australia also faces extreme weather events, as everybody knows. Just think about the bush fires that ruined the lives of so many people. Well, occurrences of such extreme weather events are only getting HIGHER as time passes, thanks to climate change and us humans

The Australian Government is educating children on climate change. That is all well and good, but learning what climate change is and how others are acting on it is not enough. Us kids, the newest generation, need to learn some effective ways to battle climate change in schools. If a routine program is introduced in Australian primary and secondary schools, children will not only think but act on the problem. 

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