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Stop 2 Million Cats in Australia from being killed by 2020

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Recently Australian government has stated that by 2020, they have to kill two million "feral" cats because they are "causing" their native wildlife to go "extinct." Recently, I have come across several Australian hunters Facebook's and not only do they kill these "feral" cats, they are also killing Australia's "native" wildlife that are becoming extinct.

I am going to say, that yes, I am a huge cat lover, but even if I hated cats, I still wouldn't be okay with this. Why? There are several organizations that will help pay for spaying and neutering of animals, that way overpopulation does not happen.  There are more than just feral cats out there hunting the native wildlife. 

There are hunters hunting the native wildlife. There are animals that actually need to eat certain species in order to survive.

What are you going to do? Kill off the hunters hunting the native wildlife? Kill every animal that eats the native wildlife?

Honestly, in my opinion, if people knew how to look up organizations that do free neutering and spaying, we wouldn't have this problem.

If people stopped getting pets and then throwing them out because they don't like the responsibilities or the fact that cats do what they do, we probably wouldn't have this problem.

There's no reason to kill two million cats just because they're "killing your national wildlife" when it's not just them doing it.

But at the same time you should probably learn how to not overpopulate species.

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